Is Swimming Beneficial to You?

Regretfully, there are occasions when our intimate connection to water may endanger us.
Happy little girl learning to swim and dive in outdoor swimming pool on hot summer day in tropical resort. Child wearing goggles and colorful bathing suit playing in water.

Australia has long had a strong bond with water, as evidenced by the fact that the vast majority of its people live close to the shore and the country is surrounded by the ocean. Across the nation, swimming is a well-liked form of exercise, and Australians are well-known for their prowess in the Olympic pool.

Regretfully, there are occasions when our intimate connection to water may endanger us. Every year, hundreds of drowning deaths are reported, and the number is growing, according to Royal Life Saving Australia.

Therefore, swimming is not just a fantastic method to keep happy, healthy, and fit—there are even situations in which it can save lives.

We’ll look more closely at the health benefits of swimming in this guide, along with tips for getting the most out of the exercise and the best methods for teaching families to swim.

Is Swimming Beneficial to You?

Let’s start with the main topic of this article: Is swimming healthy for you? The quick (and very apparent) response to that is that swimming is beneficial to your health.

It is a form of exercise that can improve your overall wellness, health, and fitness without causing you to experience the negative effects of doing so on land. In a device like a Fastlane Pools swim spa, which combines the opulent warmth and comfort of a spa pool with the exercise of a swimming pool, it may also be a calming, almost meditative experience.
However, as was indicated at the beginning, swimming’s potential to literally save lives may be its strongest justification. You can enjoy everything from the backyard pool to the ocean safely if you can swim. Deeper bodies of water might be extremely dangerous if you don’t know how to swim.

Why is it Beneficial to Swim?

Why is swimming such a health benefit? Let’s delve a little more into the specifics to find out.

For Life

Swimming is a vital life skill in Australia, considering the statistics on drowning that were previously given. Given that children are more likely to drown than adults, parents are crucial in lowering the incidence of drowning deaths. It is best if they learn to swim early. It’s also crucial to practice swim safety, which includes listening to lifeguards at the beach and erecting fencing around swimming pools.

For Health

To what extent does swimming benefit you? It has been demonstrated that engaging in aquatic exercise causes beneficial metabolic changes that boost fitness and promote weight loss. It can burn as many calories as dry workouts like aerobics or jogging, but it doesn’t affect joints, muscles, or bones in the same way since the buoyancy of the water opposes gravity. Because of this, swimming is considered by many to be a significantly more pleasant and relaxing type of exercise.

For Happiness

A series of physiological reactions known as the “diving reflex” are set off when people or other mammals go underwater. The most obvious benefit is a decrease in heart rate, which can make swimming a very contemplative experience. This is also a big part of why spa pools have such a calming effect. Plus, exercise is fantastic for mental wellness.

Is it Good to Swim Every Day?

Is it beneficial for you to swim every day? Yes, just like any regular activity is beneficial to you! Swimming can help you lose weight and improve your fitness, so you should try to get in at least 15 to 30 minutes of exercise three times a week to start seeing results. However, it would be ideal if you could incorporate swimming into your everyday schedule, either before you go to work or as soon as you get home.

The biggest problem for many Australians is access. You need easy and convenient access to water in order to commit to swimming on a regular basis, whether it’s to teach your children or to reap the health and wellness advantages. Ideally, you would have a swimming pool in your backyard. But do you have the required funds or space?

Yes, it is more likely in a situation where there is a swim spa at Fastlane Pools.

Take Advantage of Swimming in Your Backyard.

With a few meters of length, Fastlane Pools swim spas offer tumble-turn-free swimming. You are submerged in a powerful, constant, and totally adjustable stream of water thanks to these ingenious devices that create their own current and send it down the center of the spa. You never have to turn around; you can swim for the entire day at your own pace.

Fastlane Pools swim spas are excellent for teaching people how to swim in addition to being fantastic for physical fitness. Because these little pools are only 2.26 meters wide and 1.47 meters deep, a learner can always reach out and touch the bottom for safety or hold the wall. Additionally, our pool spas include locked, insulated coverings that effectively keep inquisitive children out as they keep the warmth of the water in.
Fastlane Pools swim spas are designed to fit in more backyards with footprints as small as 8 m2. You also won’t have to worry about the additional expenses associated with constructing an in-ground pool, such as council approval, engineering, excavation, installation, and landscaping, because these units are portable and self-contained.

Furthermore, Fastlane Pools is a Hot Spring brand, so you can count on the same level of quality, effectiveness, and innovation that consumers have come to anticipate from the most reputable and established spa company in Australasia.

A Fastlane Pools swim spa with hydromassage features provides a high-performing, opulent, varied, and controlled environment that is perfect for every swimmer, from young children learning to swim to competitive athletes preparing for their next match.

Do you want to know how it feels to swim in place? To learn more, get in contact with your nearby Fastlane Pools and Hot Springs dealer!

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