In life, everything needs to start somewhere, and in bodybuilding and lifting, that somewhere is the ground floor. You can’t begin in the center or at the top. Think of this as your go-to manual for beginning the bodybuilding process.

Progress happens gradually, and I’ve witnessed a lot of individuals try to lift huge weights straight away when they first start at the gym, only to tear a muscle and lose many months of progress in the process. So how does one begin competing in bodybuilding? Where does the trip start for you? To begin with, you must honestly ask yourself: What are your objectives? Is it the recipe for bodybuilding? Is it about how I appear better to attract girls, or is it about how I get healthier?

When you first start bodybuilding, you need to have a simple plan. Examine your body and concentrate on the things that you truly need to perform for it.

Trying to bulk up right immediately is one of the major blunders that people make. Some of the more experienced bodybuilders coined the word “bulking up” in the 1960s to describe their desire to gain size quickly, and it is still widely used today. However, it’s typically carried out by seasoned bodybuilders rather than amateurs. Of course you want to put on weight and bulk, but it needs to be quality muscle at the proper kind of weight. It will appear better and last a lot longer, even though it might come slower.

Exercise and Workout

Most exercises in the 1960s were designed to be done three days a week. One day I worked on my upper body, and the next day my lower body. Because there was adequate recovery time in between body parts and sessions, the increases were fairly substantial. For each exercise, there were three sets of eight to ten repetitions. Even though it was quite simple, most individuals found that it didn’t require overtraining.

The fact that most gyms in the 1960s had designated days for men and women to workout was one of the factors in the decision to limit training to three days a week. Women’s days were the other days, and men’s were Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You only have three days to train if you didn’t train at home because they didn’t train together.

Many believed that four days should be preferable if three days worked, and they are. In this manner, the components can be divided up such that each is worked twice a week. You can add a few extra sets and increase the intensity during the four days of the program. Start with three distinct exercises for each body area and four sets of each exercise.

One of my favorite routines has always been this one since it gives me three days off to recover and develop. Many people may also experience mental health issues as a result of this, since they may believe that they are stagnating on their days of rest when, in fact, they are developing. It’s true that occasionally nothing amounts to anything in this instance.

When you first start out, a lot will rely on your work schedule and the amount of time you can dedicate to training, but my recommendation would be to attempt to workout three days a week, splitting them every other day.

For each body part, begin with basic exercises and perform two sets of eight to twelve repetitions for each area.

When working on your shoulders, for instance, perform one pushing exercise followed by one lateral lift movement. Use dumbbell flies and a flat bench press if you move to the chest.  Even if you’re working your chest, you’re working some of your other body parts as well, which impacts your delt workout. You’re not introducing too many exercises at this time because of this.

  • Working the Back: Pulldown and pull-in movements while seated are two examples of back exercises. Sets and repetitions are the same as before. Additionally, this indirectly affects the other body parts.
  • Working the Arms: I enjoy doing supersets of three sets of ten cable curls and triceps pushdowns. You don’t need much because you’ve already utilized your arms for the other body parts, making this an excellent option for novices.
  • exercising the Legs: Leg curls, leg extensions, and leg and calf presses are the basic exercises for exercising the legs. Twelve to fifteen reps in three sets should be sufficient to wear you out.
  • Working the Abs: Hanging leg raises with straps is one of the best workouts for the abs. It will truly bring out definition and work the entire core.
  • Finisher: You can choose to complete your 20 minutes of exercise on a bike or treadmill.

This is a fundamental exercise program for beginners in bodybuilding that will help you get started. Your body will adjust to the new routines rather quickly; in three weeks, you’ll want to switch things up. Don’t be scared to switch up the exercises you do because you can get tired and stale with the same routine. For example: Use cable crossovers instead of dumbbell flies. Breaking the mold is OK because that’s how the greats succeed.

You can increase your workout to four days a week and add the previously mentioned sets and repetitions when you’re ready and have the time. You’ll witness some pleasing changes in the mirror and advance to new training levels.


While exercise is vital, you also need to pay attention to what you put in your mouth. The results won’t happen nearly as quickly if you train hard like this and continue eating unhealthy meals, and you’ll get frustrated. It requires self-control and diligence in the kitchen as well as the exercise.

Cut back on carbohydrates and avoid sugars, goods made with white flour, and fried foods. That will be a big difference on its own. Then, if you want to tighten it even more, spread out your protein intake over two and a half hours, increasing it to at least five times each day. You should have chicken, tuna, egg whites, steak, and fish as your high-protein meals. You can also have a baked potato, tiny amount of rice, or oatmeal with your meals.

A healthy diet is going to be crucial to your training and physical fitness. Be accurate because that makes up around 80% of it. On your one day off, which is usually a Sunday, you are allowed to indulge in some of your favorite foods.  While you’re eating for results rather than enjoyment, diet isn’t really fun when you’re training.

And lastly, remember to take your supplements. The best things to help with quality muscle building are whey protein, milk, eggs, and amino acid powder.

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